Kamila Chrobok

Nature enchanted in metal

I was ten years old when I told my mother
“I want to be a forester.” With flushed face I accompanied my Grandpa and my Father forester in the woods. I was bending under the weight of a saltcube for roe deer, I endured the unbearable scratching of hay as I put it in the feeder, the twigs of saplings tugged at my hair, my fingers were sticky with resin.
Althought I’m not a forester I treat the forest as my place of work. I come here to calm down, look for inspiration for my jewelry. I absorb the peace and beauty of the forest with all my senses and translate into the metal.

Kamila Chrobok

Goldmiths Artist

Gold Moonstone

Rhodium plated Silver Labradorit

Gold & Moonstone

upcoming project

seed a dream

 Every dream you have ever had has a potential of the seed. If it becomes your attention it will start to grow as if it was touched by a drop of water and a sprinkle of the sun. The seed I created while melting silver and forming it to the form is just as unique as your dream is.  For every dream I will plant on my own a tree. A forest of dreams will grow and strenghening every single deep wish. At the same time the dream of the earth becomes truth. Very soon I will release the first bunch of seeds. If you are interested in purchasing your seed please leave your Email Adress in the Waitlist. 



how it works


In the hot liquid silver I form different shapes of the seeds. I bend them on the textile string into a bracelet.


You wear the bracelet which reminds your deepest wish.


For your seed and your dream I plant one tree. The growth of the tree strengtens your dream.

contact me

If you are interested in my jewelry or would like to visit my atelier in Berlin Kreuzberg, feel free to contact me.       

Phone: +0049 177 7802329

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